Become a Dizzy Gypsy Artist

Becoming a Dizzy Gypsy Artist may be easier than you think! One of Dizzy Gypsy's goals is to make art more accessible to art lovers and artists alike. We are the anti-gallery gallery in that we do not follow traditional gallery rules like catering to only people who can afford expensive art or only working with well-known, famous artists. And we NEVER make an artist sign an exclusivity agreement - a document that says you're not allowed to display your work anywhere else except that gallery. We actually work with other galleries and venues to get your art out into the world and hopefully launch you into the stratosphere! If YOU become a well-known, famous artist with patrons who will pay millions of dollars for your work, than we BOTH have done our jobs well. But if you just want to be a part of an incredible creative community and make your art to share with others, that's fine, too. We want YOU!

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