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Gwinnett Magazine Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast

The power of art and creative expression brings fun and enrichment to our daily lives, schools and communities. It can even make the places we love feel like home! The beloved City of Lawrenceville is a shining example of how leaning into the arts and expressing ourselves can create real connections and foster amazing opportunities in education, recreation, careers and more. There are so many exciting new initiatives taking root in the city from public art expansions to educational workshops to acclaimed entertainment.

In today’s episode of the Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast, we sat down with three awesome leaders from Cavalry Glassblowing Studio, the Lawrenceville Arts Commission and The Dizzy Gypsy, and the Hudgens Center for Art & Learning for a fascinating conversation about the future of the city’s growing arts scene. So, grab your headphones, turn up the volume and discover all the amazing art opportunities to explore in Lawrenceville!

From Gwinnett Magazine, Nov 18, 2021

Guide to Gwinnett: Visual Arts


The visual arts from paintings to pottery, sculpture to photography are found and celebrated throughout the daily lives of Gwinnettians. There are dozens of great resources to learn visual art skills, and a number of galleries for public enjoyment of artworks.

Best of Gwinnett 2016

The Dizzy Gypsy was selected as Among the Best of Gwinnett: Arts & Entertainment - Art Gallery & Instructions category. Thank you, Gwinnett!

April 2018 move from corner of Crogan & Perry